UKRAINE: Why the war?

Sotirios  Κ Ioannou |
June 1, 2022



Another war. A war in Europe, between Christians. 

How fragile peace proves to be on our earth! One war stops and another one begins! 

Cruel images, full of horror. Blood and dead sights, bomb sounds that frighten. 

Houses, temples, and cities destroyed. Images, for months, from Ukraine. 

And a question within us. Why? Does God exist? 

How is it possible that a God, whom Christianity describes as full of love, looks down indifferently on desolation and destruction? 

Why is God hiding? And where, in truth, is the cause of the war? Of every war? 

Let's not fool ourselves. Wars are happening everywhere. Even within the family itself, between siblings, who have the same blood. Among the residents of the small village, the tenants of the apartment building. Within the municipal councils, in the same city, a real war is taking place.

 The war is within us! 

At all levels, we can discern man's perpetual struggle for prominence, for dominance, for predominance! 

Aggressive wars are still, to this day, being waged unabated on earth, with their common characteristic being hatred, domination over peoples and people. 

But it wasn't like that from the beginning. At the dawn of humanity, in the Garden of Eden, God created us innocent but free. 

In our moral freedom, we chose sin, turning away from our Creator. And our sin, since then, has passed into our blood and into our lives. (Genesis, ch. 3). 

To this day, what we have is not enough. Our heart, our ego, is never filled. The courts, the prisons, the war, testify to this. 

Instead of turning to God, we desire power and authority, money, and pleasure. 

If we look at our world today, we will see that there is no one who loves truly, genuinely, sincerely. In the world we live in, love has disappeared from human life. Wickedness, injustice, ferocity, and hatred prevail in every nation, tribe, and language. No one trusts his neighbor, and no one loves him. 

Jesus Christ, 2,000 years ago, also spoke about these days, saying that sin will multiply and the love of many will freeze in the hearts (Matthew 14/12). 

Unfortunately, or fortunately, love cannot be bought with money. 

If, at this moment that you are reading these lines, you are really looking for true love, even eternal love, you will not meet it anywhere and you will not find it anywhere else, except where it was manifested in all its majesty: ON THE CROSS OF CALVARY! That's where true love flows for free, for about 2000 years. It is God's love for you. 

You will personally know the real love of God, the moment you humble your heart, kneel before God, repent of your sinful past and believe that Christ gave His life and blood FOR YOU, TOO. He was sacrificed to redeem and set you free from the power and eternal consequences of sin.

 If you take this sincere step of faith, then you will be called a true Christian. God's love will dwell in your heart, as you obey His word. 

Buy a New Testament, in an understandable language, and start reading it. You will quickly find that this book and the entire Bible is a miracle and a mystery. It has words of life and truth and power. "Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believes in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live" (John 11/25). 

Do not forget: The most important and the most precious thing in the life of man, is the salvation of the soul. 

The soul of man is worth more than the whole world. 

"For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?" (Mark 8/ 36-37). 


Sotirios K Ioannou



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UKRAINE: Why the war?